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Lura May School

LURA MAY is a primary school in Limbe. We supplies laptops to the school staff and setup the school’s intranet.

UNEDO Cameroon

UNEDO is non governmental Organisation based in Limbe. Here, we installed internet and setup a LAN Network in their library. Managed their IT section and all the repairs

QSS Gabon

QUALITY & SAFETY SERVICE is Gabon based Company that does Quality control, training and Safety to Many companies in Gabon. There, we set up their training center and its network. Install all laptops with the training software. Support the trainers during training sessions.

Parlym Cameroun

PARLYM INTERNATIONAL is a company that design, plan and execute projects. We are the IT Company that takes care of all PARLYM Cameroun’s repairs and small IT equipment supplies.

DLF Douala

DIKUBA LAW FIRM is a prominent law office in Douala. We set up the network, internet, staff training and regular backup. We are the IT Consultant of the Firm.

Atanga IP & Law office

ATANGA IP is an Intellectual Property agency and Law office in Douala. We did their networking, Corporate emails, Local and online backups, Websites and train their staff. We are their IT consultants.

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