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We offer a multitude of courses both online and at our centers with the collaboration of our partners.


We organise workshops every week at our Centers and webinars monthly.


We are ready to receive you and respond to your needs with satisfactory results.

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We take care of IT jobs in every Industry and we offer free online assistance to our clients.

Information Technology

We build systems, offer assistance and provide quick and efficient services in the New technology environment.

Support for startups

We plan and prepare a road map for startups to grow and become big businesses

Provide a business name and sell a possible domain name for every business Provide proposals on business addresses; Postal, Phone and especially business email accounts

Provide assistance for the type of location the business needs including sales of web hosting accounts

Propose a design plan for the given location as well as to design a website for the business

Create an artificial intelligence for the project using a computer server connected to workstations and load templates and sample documents for the running of the business, then associate it with a web based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software and save all of it in the cloud.

Propose digital marketing plans for the business as well as SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Propose planned periodic audits and maintenance of the whole system.

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